Building Relationships

Taking Your Marketing to the Next Level

You’ve got your plan and you started getting out there in front of your target market. This course is about taking it to the next level and building more quality relationships.

Gary will guide you step-by step, as he shares the same approaches and strategies his top level clients have successfully used to generate millions of dollars in new revenues.

By completing this course you will have a firm grasp on the steps you should take to build relationships.

Have Complete Confidence in Your Future

You may have tried some things in the past that didn’t pay off. Or you may be wondering if future actions will work. You have no time to waste. By taking this course, you will take the guessing out of your efforts and come up with the best plan to attract more clients and grow your business.

Accountability, Support, and Guidance

In this course, you’ll make weekly progress while you track your success in the app and get support and feedback from Gary. As a bonus, you will receive a one-hour coaching call with Gary to support you on this journey. In addition, the course has a supporting community: this group of goal-achievers are real people working to achieve their unique goals, just like you.

Progress at Your Own Pace

How fast you move through this course is completely up to you. You can go through one level per week or do more if time permits. Life and business happen, and your current clients will always be your top priority so it’s up to you how much time you put into this on a regular basis.

Top-Level Results Made Affordable

The investment in Gary’s private coaching might be out of reach for many young professionals. But, with this app, you get to have Gary as your coach and achieve your own top-level results for a fraction of those rates.

Not satisfied? Get your money back!

If you do the work here and you are not satisfied with the results of this course, you’re covered by a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked. Why? We know this program works

Gary Mitchell is the Founder and CEO of On Trac® Coach. Since 2006, he’s coached his clients to create measurable and profound RESULTS. Gary’s clients have generated millions of dollars in new revenues as a result of working with him. They have become more effective leaders and they continue to grow their businesses. His clients appreciate his practical and down-to-earth approach and ‘street-smarts’. For more about Gary visit and his LinkedIn profile here:

Quest Curriculum

  • 7 Levels
  • Coaching By Gary
  • Community Support
  • iOS & Android
  • Level 01


    This level is about taking a look at how you currently build relationships with your prospects and potential referral sources.

  • Level 02

    Who and where to start

    This level is about identifying who are your best contacts and then offers you advice on where to start to build relationships. with them.

  • Level 03

    How to get organized

    This level is about getting your list together and prioritizing it.

  • Level 04

    Qualifying your leads and building trust

    This level covers how you can qualify your leads to see if they fit your ‘ideal’ client profile and then move forward with them to start to build trust and rapport.

  • Level 05

    Listening more and following up

    This level is about learning how to take the ‘active listening’ approach to learning more about them. Knowing this information guides you in how and when to follow-up.

  • Level 06

    Building more internal relationships

    This level is about learning who best to build more internal relationships with.

  • Level 07


    To complete this course I offer you a checklist to help keep you on track.

  • We Believe In You

    Your success is around the corner, you can do it!

  • We've Got Your Back

    {0} and the Community will support you step by step until you reach your goal and beyond

  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

    We are sure this Quest will impact your life! No impact? Get your money back!

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Success Stories

  • Andrea Petersen, Principal Lawyer, Ace Legal, Associate Lawyer, YLaw Group

    Great Motivation

    "Gary was essential in helping me getting my law practice up and running. I would not have succeeded without Gary keeping me motivated, accountable and task orientated. I highly recommend Gary if you are overwhelmed with starting your own practice or overwhelmed with keeping your practice going. Gary is familiar with what it takes to run a legal practice and I have no doubt he will be able to help you work through whatever hurdles you may be facing. Gary is awesome!!!!"

  • Ian Jones, Lawyer – Associate at Singleton Urquhart LLP

    Personalized Approach

    "Gary has been invaluable to my career development and, in turn, my personal development by realigning my personal and professional goals. He took the mystery out of marketing and business development for me, and allowed me to see what it is really all about - relationships. Gary's positive attitude, encouragement and personalized approach are a breath of fresh air. The one-on-one sessions and tailored business planning provided focus and accountability. In short, I highly recommend Gary to anyone seeking to move forward with their legal career. Thanks again, Gary."

  • Evelyn L. Ackah, Canadian and US Immigration Specialist, Founder and Managing Lawyer at Ackah Business Immigration Law

    Took My Firm to the Next Level

    "I sought out the specialized business development expertise of Gary Mitchell as I began my fifth year of Ackah Business Immigration Law. After working at national law firms in Toronto and Calgary as an Associate and then Partner, I thought I knew how to continue to build my corporate immigration practice - but it turns out I needed Gary Mitchell to help take my law firm to the next level and expand my practice. Working with Gary was truly inspirational and practical - which appeals to my lawyer sensibility. He helped me to see all the things that I was doing correctly and pushed me to do less of the things that weren't growing my business. Spending the time to do a detailed 5 year business plan was sometimes difficult, but now I look back at what was created and I have a game plan to continue to build on what was started with Gary's help. I appreciated as well once the plan was finalized, the bi weekly meetings to discuss accountability, ideas for marketing and business development and even to be connected to some of Gary's other successful clients for cross-referral opportunities. I highly recommend Gary Mitchell for his insight, his results-oriented focus and his encouragement of small and medium sized law firm entrepreneurs. So far in 2015, we are doing financially better than we did last year (even in this Alberta economy) and I attribute much of that to Gary's exceptional coaching and knowledge. Don't wait another year - start working with Gary now!"

  • Arthur V. Olson, Lawyer at Compass Tax Law

    Support and Encouragement

    "Gary and I worked on a coaching engagement shortly after I had set up an office in a new practice. He helped me to think critically about my business and develop a workable plan that is integral to the growth I am now experiencing.I also benefited from the variety of tools and contacts he was able to bring which provided support I was missing on my own.Lastly, and most important was the timely follow up, support and encouragement to push through when things didn't go as planned.If you are a lawyer looking to go out on your own or grow your practice, I highly suggest you get in touch with Gary."

  • Angela Khelem Associate Lawyer at Benmor Family Law Group

    Individualized Business Plans

    "Gary is an invaluable resource for young lawyers seeking to understand and appreciate the business of law. His sole mandate is to make lawyers more profitable by developing individualized business plans catered to their unique attributes and career goals. Gary has not only helped me understand the business of law - he has helped me better understand myself and, in the process, the type of practice that I need in order to have a fulfilling, well-balanced and successful career."

  • Matthew Choi Lawyer at Bull Housser

    Insightful & Experienced

    "Gary's insights, informed by his experience working with lawyers, of the best practices and many tried-and-true approaches in business development have been invaluable. He encourages me to remain genuine to my personality, while stretching beyond my comfort zone when it comes to BD. My own BD effort benefits a lot from his high-level strategic perspectives and practical suggestions."

  • Alexander Beadie, Family Law Lawyer

    Valuable Contribution

    "I worked with Gary during the first months of my transition from a criminal law practice to a family law practice. Gary's contribution to my shifting perspective in accommodating a marketing plan to a new practice in a new area of law was very valuable. Gary brings an excitement and enthusiasm to the subject of marketing that is contagious and compelling. He transfers that enthusiasm into practical action and results. I therefore recommend Gary to anyone who is looking to revitalize their marketing plans and strategies, or, as in my case, build a marketing plan from scratch.. Thank you Gary. Best of luck in your future endeavors."

  • Kara Duncan, Barrister & Solicitor at DUNCAN ALLEN LAW

    A Huge Asset

    "We hired Gary as our business coach during our law firm's first year in business. His advice, guidance and access to other professionals in the legal field has been a huge asset to the growth of our new firm. He has helped us institute systems, establish our brand and build a resource network. His services are highly recommended to any start-up law firm."

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